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New Readers

Get started with the first comic or check out the cast members below and read some comics featuring them to get to know their personalities.

The First Comic
What better way to get started with Least I Could Do than right from the beginning? Click below to jump back to 2003 and get reading through years of archives.
The First Comic

Rayne Summers
The ‘I’ in Least I Could Do, Rayne is a narcisst with severe delusions of grandeur, with an unfortunately huge amount of disposable income.
The Neighbor
Time to Jump

John Gold
Roomate, teacher, long-suffering wife. Rayne’s oldest friend, John and he have grown apart in recent years but slowly, are rebuilding their adult relationship. That sounds a lot worse than I meant it.
Feeling It
To Pack
The Apartment

Issa Alie
Short for Melissa, Issa is dating a dude who looks like Archie Andrews (though less likely to have a threesome). Issa has been friends with the boys as long as anyone and tends to be the little sister to everyone… the little sister you think about improperly. Feeling It
Red Headed Stepmom
Fighting Issa
Issa Needs a Job

Mick Alfa
Described by many (not really) as a Fat Ninja, Mick works a producer at the local television station and enjoys chips recreationally.
Meeting Mick’s Mom
College Party
Mick’s Secret

Married. 3 kids (2 of them at the same time). Struggling to find the will to live.
So Tired
Game Time
Something New

Breaking international laws on child labour, Urchin lives somewhere in Rayne’s house and acts as his manservant. Speaks with a British accent.
War With Goofy

Jumpmaster Julie
Rayne’s girlfriend. When it comes to adventure, fun and the ability to be awesome, Julie is the only one who can go toe-to-toe with Rayne. Just watch out for her Dad, Wild Bill!
First Meeting
Getting Together
A Match made In The Heavens

Rayne’s loyal work assistant. She is a being of eternal patience. She has to be, considering how many hours a day she spends as Rayne’s foil and confidant.
Cover For Me!
She’s Not A Doctor
Making Appointments

Rayne’s niece who recently experienced a growth spurt. Rayne likes to think of himself as Ashley’s mentor, but it’s debatable considering how much he learns from being around her.
I Have a What Now?
Frog King
Nerf Escalation
Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon